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    Fall Foliage Photographed by Nikki of “His Glory Creations”

    We have been so busy with guests this October that I have not had much time to blog.  One of our guests was a couple that had stayed here before, and were dying to visit again –  Nikki and her husband.  She is a photographer, and was gracious enough to share some of the beautiful photos she took, both in the B&B and around the area.  You can visit her website, to see more of her great work!

    We have had some nice colors all around the area, and still have plenty of color.  I guess this recent temperature change to slightly warmer temperatures [in the 60s] have made fall colors last longer. Just yesterday, we drove over to Mt Mitchell in the afternoon to do a little hiking, and saw incredible color along the Blue Ridge Parkway!

    We have had magnificent weather for the last 2 weeks, and we sure hope it stays that way longer 🙂


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